Monday, January 11, 2010

Tobacco- Fucked Up Friends

Wow, let me start off by saying this has been an unexpectedly long hiatus. Sorry, I'm apparently both lazy and (according to my university) a slob. Soo, shit like this happens...but to make it up to you I am posting a great side project from Black Moth Super Rainbow's 'main' man; Tom Fec. This is his first release under the cameo of Tobacco and it's, for lack of better linguistics, fucking dope. If you like Black Moth then you will love this, it shares much of the crunchy wavy sounds that define their branch of psycadelic pop, yet now reconciles them with great beats. It's a short album, with short songs (only one over 4:00), and is certainly an enjoyable listen, great mixing for parties. Hell, even Aesop Rock raps on a track, check it.

Downloadd it

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saxon Shore- Luck Will Not Save us From a Jackpot of Nothing

music for thinking and dreaming. being.
think prog rock but more ambient.
do it justice.
Appreciate space (While you still have it)
Stay Good!


McLusky- McLusky Do Dallas

Well first off, he used his artist name in the album title and implied that he, in some weird time dimension, fucked Dallas; so you must already know that this album is candid. I used to laugh when looking back at this strange man and his music, but I recently re-picked this up and re-listened and its fantastic. Great old time 90's angst in the year 2000. Grungy as grime. Great guitar. Listen for good melodies and one angry voice. 80's punk melodies, muted shouting voices, why did the 80's ever end? Cobain.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


All relevant to your life: 5min clip about Dexture (like texture), he likes to fix things, something gets fixed, there's a death in the family and, well that's about it really its pretty short. Great cameo performance/music by Jake Dietz. Many layers,illusions, and modern art.

Watch Dexture

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neon Indian- Psychic Chasms

This kid (Alan Palomo) was born in Mexico and grew up very close to me in Denton, Texas. He produced this album out of Austin, and over the past few weeks it has been getting mad hype from various reviewers (maybe a little too much so). Nonetheless it is a great album and I've been really digging it the past two weeks, it sounds a lot like Nite Jewel synths, and the lyrics are (somewhat) comprehensible and pretty dope at times. Check it out and give it a passive listen, hope you enjoy.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Memory Tapes- Seek Magic, Treeship

Seek Magic has some really great melodies, nice listening tunes. Great for chilling hard and skateboard cruises. Party vibes through some songs, but also great zome parts. Ages well. Songs flow together so well that it's hard to differentiate them, repeated listening makes it better.

Treeship is a great one-songer that's 28 min long, terrific ambiance, much more vast, slow soundscapes.Good for the right occasions. sleep and contemplation being two of them.

Memory Tapes- Seek Magic

Meomory Tapes- Treeship

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beansprouts- Songs to Accompany The New Testament

This album consists of interweaving loops of the famed African Juju music, if you've never heard of it, well I don't blame you, but you NEED to check this out its a great introduction to the vastness of non-American world hits. Easily the happiest sounds to ever come out of Africa. This album combines many of the greatest hits from Juju into manageable samples that will make you happy no matter how un-human you are. If you're feeling down and want a carefree pick me up, or if you just dig world music in all its splenda than check this shit out your ears will be so pleased you did. A smile or two is bound to come free. The producer's pretty dope too, its only his first release but dayum way to slay it.

Beansprouts- Songs to Accompany The New Testament